Dr Lauren Arendse

FLAIR Research Fellow | Target-based malaria drug discovery

Lauren completed her PhD in medical biochemistry under the supervision of Prof. Jonathan Blackburn at the University of Cape Town (UCT) in 2014.

During her PhD she spent a year as a visiting Commonwealth PhD Scholar in Prof. Tom Blundell's biocomputing group at the University of Cambridge in the UK, where she gained valuable experience in protein modelling. Following her PhD, she completed four years of postdoctoral research with Prof. Kelly Chibale and Prof. Edward Sturrock at UCT. During her doctoral and postdoctoral studies, she worked on a variety of enzyme systems including human cytochrome P450 enzymes, human zinc metallopeptidases and protein and lipid kinases, gaining expertise in recombinant protein expression, enzymology, assay development and structure-based drug design.

In April 2019 Lauren joined H3D as a Research Officer to establish the enzymology and structural biology components of a Plasmodium kinase platform for target-based malaria drug discovery. In May 2020 she was awarded a Future Leaders – African Independent Research (FLAIR) Fellowship to expand her work on Plasmodium kinases. The FLAIR Fellowship Programme is a partnership between the African Academy of Sciences and the Royal Society funded by the UK Government's Global Challenges Research Fund. Lauren also plays a role in student mentorship and supervision within the Department of Chemistry.