H3D is located in Cape Town, South Africa. Renowned for its natural beauty and diverse, cosmopolitan population Cape Town is one of the best places to live and work in South Africa. Located on the eastern slopes of Table Mountain, the University of Cape Town is a familiar landmark close to the City bowl. There are many good suburbs and schools in the surrounding area and plenty to do and see all year round.

Cape Town has a temperate climate with pleasant to warm summers and winter rains for around 4 months of the year. With beaches, forests, mountains and wine farms all within 20 minutes’ drive of the city centre there is something for everyone to do and experience.

Work Environment

H3D employees are employed under the UCT conditions of employment although, as H3D employees, they are not academic appointments. H3D scientists are expected to perform similar duties as in the pharmaceutical or biotechnology industries, but with a twist.

H3D wants to create and strengthen a culture of innovation, taking full advantage of it co-location with an academic environment. While project outcomes and deliverables are non-negotiable our scientists are expected to be

  • Out of the box thinkers
  • Inter-disciplinary team players
  • Responsible risk takers

Our scientific projects and programmes are conducted in dynamic, changing team environments with local and international partners and participants. We endeavour to create an environment where the best ideas are allowed to surface and our project leaders are expected to ensure that everyone feels free to speak their minds while we hold each other accountable to a high standard of scientific rigour and thought.

Being integrated into the UCT academic environment also gives us the unique setting of allowing our staff to conduct academic research, supervise students and train our new batches of recruits. H3D is a positive force for change in the academic environment and aims to incorporate the best of both worlds in its operational models.