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Image of barcoded vials

All assays require between 2.5-4mg of pure solid material.

Please note, PK/NSG studies require more solid material, but this is dependent on the actual study design and the dosage required.

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We ask for >95% pure, but we can accept mixture or impure samples for primary biology screening.

  • The material must be accurately weighed.
  • ADME assays require pure samples that are detectable by LCMS.
  • H3D uses the 2ml, Data Matrix barcoded, external thread, Grenier Bio-one vials (see picture above).
    • Please note: We require the number of samples and shipping address up front so we can provide the barcoded vials.
    • Once you place your order, download the sample registration sheet below to provide H3D this information. When you are finished, please submit your completed form using the link at the bottom of the page. You do not need to submit this form unless you have placed an order. 

As we make the compounds/samples up to 10mM (or ug/ml) stock solutions in the 2ml vials, the material provided shouldn’t exceed 2ml. This will give sufficient stock solution for various primary screening assays (e.g. We can conduct malaria, TB, AMR, cytotoxicity and solubility screening from the same stock solution).

Note: Sending less than the required amounts limits H3D’s ability to run duplicate or repeat assays.

  • We can accept 10mM DMSO liquid stock solutions, either in 48, 96 or 384-well plates.
  • The material can be amorphous.
  • Please include a list of solvents that the material is soluble in.
  • Please include a minimum of:
    • 20ul for AMR, TB, parasitology screening
    • 200ul for ADME

Please include your completed sample registration sheet (click to download below) once your order has been placed and the samples have been accurately weighed.

h3d-sample-registration-sheet Download
Click here to submit your completed sample registration sheet.


Please note: Your samples can not be processed until your fully completed sample registration sheet is submitted. Shipping your samples to H3D without attention to all the requirements on this page will result in inability of H3D to run your desired assays. You do not need to submit this form until you have placed your order.