Mr Ronald Olckers

Senior Research Scientist | ADME

Ronald obtained his B.Sc and B.Sc(Hons) degrees at the University of the Free State.

Originally and with remarkable zeal he studied plant genetics. He started his career in Pharmacology during his last year of study at PAREXEL's Bioanalytical Services Division in Bloemfontein. He engaged in various analytical bio-equivalence and phase 3 clinical trial studies. Developing and validating analytical methods on LC-MS/MS.
Ronald joined the Division of Pharmacology at the University of Cape Town in 2015 as a Senior Scientific Officer. Further specializing in the analysis of TB, ARVs and anti-malarials. Then at the start of 2019, he joined the ADME DMPK group at H3D as a Senior Research Scientist.

Ronald enjoys deep scientific discussions with his cat.