Dr Venkata Sypu

Post Doc | Malaria Chem

Dr. Venkata Satyanarayana Sypu completed his Master of Science in Organic chemistry from Andhra University in India in 2013.

In 2013, Venkata started as research associate in LAVYBENS Pharmaceutical Pvt. Ltd, in Hyderabad (India). He worked on several projects to synthesis of antibiotic compounds using novel approaches. In 2014, He worked as Research Chemist in TCG Life Sciences Pvt. Ltd. (Chem-Biotech) in Kolkata (India). He handled several projects to development of novel anti-malarial (MMV) and pesticide (Syngenta) molecules using different synthetic methods. In 2017, He moved to SYNGENE INTERNATINAL LTD,. as a Senior Research Associate-II in Drug Discovery Department in Bangalore (India). He worked on various projects targeted at a novel approach to the development of Anti-Diabetic and Anti-Cancer compounds.

Venkata competed PhD studies in chemistry from the University of Johannesburg, under the supervision Prof. Arjun Maity in South Africa (2018-2021). His PhD studies mainly aimed to synthesis and characterization of heterogeneous catalysts for the application of organic transformation reactions. Venkata was also worked as project assistant in CSIR in Pretoria. He handled several projects in CSIR which is synthesis and characterization of Biopolymers (Bio-plastic) using bio based raw materials.

Venkata joined H3D in August 2021 as a Post-Doctoral Research Fellow in medicinal chemistry. He is currently working on a program aiming at the development of novel antimalarial compounds.