Dr Sumit Kumar

Post Doc | TB Chemistry

Sumit completed his M.Sc. in Pharmaceutical Chemistry in 2012 and thereafter with developing interest towards medicinal chemistry, he joined Dr. Vipan Kumar research group in 2013 at Dept. of Chemistry, Guru Nanak Dev University, India for his doctoral degree.

He initially worked as project assistant from 2013-2015 and then received his Ph.D. as synthetic medicinal chemist in 2019. His Ph.D. work involved design, synthesis and bio-evaluation of different heterocycle based molecular conjugates specifically targeting tropical diseases such as Breast Cancer, Malaria, Trichomoniasis and Tuberculosis. He has published seventeen research articles in the journal of international repute with Dr. Vipan.

After his Ph.D., Sumit joined as research associate (2019-2020) at Sphaera Pharmaceuticals, India and has explored the synthesis of NCE's targeting various cancerous diseases. He joined as postdoctoral researcher (2020-2021) with Prof. Joon Myong Song at Seoul National University, South Korea. During his stay as post doc, he synthesized bio-inspired nano-materials targeting tumor microenvironment and hERG channel activators and gained expertise in nano-medicine

Working with an aim to discover Hit-to-Lead and Lead Optimization of anti-malarial and anti-tubercular agents, Sumit joined H3D as post-doctoral researcher in December 2021 and is now working with Dr. Sandeep team to develop novel anti-tuberculosis drugs.