Dr Mmakwena Mmonwa

Post Doc | Chemistry

Mmakwena is a postdoctoral research fellow in H3D chemistry division, having joined in March 2021

His research focus is on the formal hit assessments and medicinal chemistry optimisations towards delivering antimalarial leads. Mmakwena obtained BSc degree and BSc honours (Chemistry) from University of Limpopo (UL). In the year 2011 he joined Limpopo Agro-Food Technology Station in UL as a chemistry intern until 2012 where he was involved in projects of food products nutritional information analysis, food product developments as well as training of SMMEs on agro-processing.

He then joined Prof. M.J. Mphahlele's research group in University of South Africa (UNISA) from 2013 to 2019 where he completed his MSc and PhD. Mmakwena's PhD project focused on design, synthesis and biological evaluation of novel nitrogen based heterocyclic compounds as potential anticancer agents. During his period with UNISA, Mmakwena provided tuition support to the UNISA chemistry department in the form of undergraduate practical demonstration and supervision as well as marking of assignments and practical reports. He was also involved in conceptualisation of research projects for honours research methodology module. He also served as a member of the Department of Chemistry Postgraduate Committee as well South African Chemical Institute (SACI) student representative on behalf of UNISA.