Kim Jackson

Research Scientist | AMR Chem

Kim completed her BSc at the University of Cape Town in 2017, majoring in chemistry and pure mathematics.

She then continued her postgraduate studies at the same institution, where she discovered her love for chemistry, the natural sciences, and life at the molecular level. Kim obtained her BSc (Hons) with distinction in 2018 and continued on to do her MSc under the supervision of Assoc. Prof. Anwar Jardine, which she completed in 2020. Her MSc research focused on the synthesis of novel gylcosyltransferase substrate analogues for their potential use in measuring enzyme activities, as well as developing purification and analytical methods in order to analyse these compounds. During her postgraduate studies, Kim worked as a tutor and demonstrator for 1st and 2nd year chemistry modules at UCT, as well as volunteering for a number of outreach programmes aimed at improving scientific literacy within South Africa.

After completing her MSc in 2020, Kim worked for 3 months as a consulting scientist for One Eighty Materials Testing, a Cape Town-based metallurgical and materials testing laboratory, and then as the Operations Manager of the same company.

Kim joined H3D in June 2022 as a Research Scientist and is currently working in the AMR arena in collaboration with Johnson & Johnson.