Mr Tinavhuyo Evans Matundu

Lab Assistant

Evans completed his BSc in Life Sciences (2016) majoring in Biotechnology, Microbiology and Biochemistry.

He completed his Honours degree in Biochemistry (2017) at the University of Limpopo and his research focused on Anti-cancer activities of certain medicinal plants against MCF-7 (Breast cancer) cells.

He worked as a Research assistant as well as a Laboratory Assistant at the University of Limpopo; some of the duties included cell culture, preparation of media, inoculation of plates, enzyme assays, maintaining microbial cultures and using Bioinformatics tools for microbial strain identification. Later he worked as a water quality officer at the Local municipality of Musina (Limpopo) where he was responsible for water quality and administration.

Before he joined H3D, he was employed as a Laboratory Assistant at the Bio-analytical Research Cooperation of South Africa (BARC-SA) based in Johannesburg, there he gained experience in clinical trial studies and diagnostic tests.

Evans joined H3D in November 2021 as Laboratory Assistant in the medicinal chemistry lab at H3D. His duties include assistance with procurement, sample management and inventory management.